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Great product. Very poor assembly instructions.

The product itself is great and my wife loves it. However the "assembly instructions" are very poor. If you purchase any "options" different than the basic assembly you yourself will have to determine when to deviate from the basic instructions and instead use the "options" instructions. This usually requires some disassembly of what you have just completed in order to complete your assembly correctly. I suspect the person who wrote the assembly did not use English as their first language.

Joe A.


Product is very well made and works perfectly

William B.


Nearly Perfect

My company has been using another sit/stand desk for years and I was able to "beta test" a QuickStand. I'm very happy with it in its simplicity, clean design, and stability. I would say it's nearly perfect except it needs a two- or four-port USB hub built into it for peripherals and devices while it's in the standing position. As it is, there's no way to keep your iPhone or graphics tablet plugged in when you stand, and it's annoying.

Jonathan W.


Best Sit/Stand Option Available

I have tried other brands, but the QuickStand is by far the most comfortable and practical for an office setting. The platform that lifts with the monitors is very spacious and sturdy. A great buy.

Brad R.



Easy to operate and easy to assemble.

Ken W.



Makes working so much easier!

Simon T.


Best Stand

This is an amazing stand, no problem works fantastic. and it is going whereever I go.

Rachel F.


Excellent product! My boss is completely pleased.

Diana S.


Great product. Easy to use

I received the Humanscale QuickStand and had it assembled in less than an hour. Works very well and with a few adjustments it is quick and easy to move from sitting to standing work position. The only improvement I can suggest is to eliminate the slight shake in keyboard tray while in the standing position. I am not sure how this could be done without additional support legs which probably would detract from the clean look. Great product overall.

Doug K.


Love it, love it, love it

It's functional and beautiful. It raises easily and intuitively, and lowers as easily. I use it at a sitting height and at a standing height, and also a few inches higher on a tiny elliptical trainer that allows me to keep moving while I work. It supports my 2 large monitors beautifully, and the cable management is super-clean. Only cons: (1) It really took some installing to get it in place on my desk, (2) the first unit I had failed with a broken cable, but was quickly replaced by HumanScale after a phone call.

Donya R.

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