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At Humanscale, we believe that corporate environments should be designed around the unique needs of each company and its people.  Our team of certified ergonomists partner with organizations to create workspaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. Our trained experts have also developed dedicated teaching programs that train individuals to evaluate spaces, recognize musculoskeletal issues in personnel and effectively improve the work setting to create a more comfortable place to work.

We work together to ensure the resulting environment and individual promotes health, comfort and productivity.


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20 Professional Certifications
18 Advanced Degrees in Human Factors,Ergonomics & Biomechanics
9   Peer Reviewed Journal Articles
6   Languages Spoken
2   Advanced Degrees in Kinesiology
1   Doctorate of Physical Therapy
1   Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine
1   Interior Designer
1   University Professor
1   Dedicated Project Coordinator

Each of our consultants holds degrees in Human Factors and Ergonomics from leading universities and has several years of postgraduate experience in the realm of office ergonomics. Our consultants possess a passion for ergonomics and excel at formulating cost effective strategies for improving the health and well being of computer users.  You’ll find that their level of expertise, dedication and professionalism is unmatched within the industry.

As an extension to ergonomists in our main hubs in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, we partner with trusted ergonomists around the world who deliver the same consistent, dedicated and personal service to each of our clients' global locations, including Bogota, Columbia; Cape Town, South Africa and Glasgow, Scotland.


We feel that an ergonomic program’s success is predicated on an organization’s ability to transfer knowledge to employees. To that end, we pride ourselves on our ability to help employees make the behavioral changes necessary to work more comfortably and with less risk. An effective approach entails a focus on workstation design and employee education. We employ a six phase approach to program implementation:

Our first step is to simply become immersed in your organizations current needs and challenges. Together we engage key stakeholders, elevate awareness of best practices and outline a framework for the implementation of a sustainable ergonomics program.

Next, we investigate key areas of concern. Our team of board certified ergonomists will document and analyze site trends, evaluate existing design standards and review your current program. From there, we will work to develop a cost effective strategy to reduce risk and improve employee comfort and health.

Successful action plans require realistic program objectives and timelines. Together we formulate an approach by defining short and long-term goals, leveraging available resources and outlining stakeholder responsibilities.

Employee training, assessment, and workstation enhancement form the core of our implementation process. Interactive group training sessions and individualized assessments elevate awareness of proper workstation configuration, improve posture and reduce employee discomfort. Our certification program in office ergonomics builds in-house expertise of the assessment process and becomes a first line of defense for preventing workplace injuries.

In an effort to gauge the effectiveness of specific program components, we track and analyze a variety of data sets and performance indicators. This process enables our team to make informed program suggestions that will lead to further process improvements.

Program maintenance is critical for continued success. In this phase, our team is a resource for recurring training, assessment support and program guidance. As your organization shifts employees between facilities or acquires additional facilities, we work to ensure that consistent workstation design and training strategies are implemented throughout.





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