Protecting Wildlife

We take conservation seriously, so we contribute to an organization that prioritizes preservation of ecosystems: World Wildlife Fund (WWF). For Humanscale CEO and Founder Bob King, partnering with WWF is a natural extension of Humanscale’s mission.

“I’ve always been a conservationist,” said King, who has been a member of WWF’s National Council for more than 15 years. “We share this planet with other species, and it’s not okay to just destroy them when it’s convenient.”

King had an idea to preserve a wild place and work to restore it to thrive and become what it once was before it was exploited by commercial hunters and loggers. He selected Cambodia’s eastern plains for their rich ecological diversity and habitat of many endangered species.

The 1.5 million acres of Cambodia’s eastern plains have been called “the Serengeti of Asia” due to the notable diversity of species present in the region. These plains are home to critically endangered and other indigenous species, such as sarus cranes, crocodiles, wild water buffalo, sun bears, leopards, green peafowl, gaurs, elephants, elds deer and, importantly, tigers. Today, there are as few as 3,200 tigers in the wild, and this ecosystem preservation program could potentially reintroduce 50 to 100 tigers back into the area.

“It’s not about protecting a particular country. It’s about restoring and conserving wild places on Earth,” said King. “We want to leave a planet that has all the diversity of life on it for our children and grandchildren. It’s not our planet alone.”

Humanscale intends to continue working with WWF and supporting the Cambodia program to further our progress in making a marked difference

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Protecting Wildlife | Humanscale's Global Conservation Efforts