Authorized Reseller Policy

Humanscale Authorized Dealers must meet high quality standards for customer service, product selection, and business ethics. In an effort to best serve customers, Humanscale products purchased from Humanscale Authorized Dealers include:

  1. A brand new product guarantee (Humanscale Authorized Dealers are prohibited from selling or marketing used, refurbished, or renewed Humanscale products)
  2. Full coverage by Humanscale’s Manufacturer Warranty,  and
  3. On-site product service in these major cities:
Costa Mesa, CA
(Orange County)
Lanham, MD
(Washington, DC area)
Los Angeles
New York City
San Diego
San Francisco

Unauthorized Resellers

Humanscale is aware of several Internet resellers of Humanscale products who are not authorized Humanscale dealers, among these:,,,,,,,,, and Everything Overstock.

Humanscale does not warrant or provide on-site service for products purchased from unauthorized resellers. Humanscale can also not guarantee that any product purchased from an unauthorized reseller is new.

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